Custom Welding and Fabrication Services

The Michigan Welding and Fabrication sales business continues to grow, and the increased work brings the demand for the same specialty services it provides in Michigan.

One service that is in particular demand among Michigan Fabrication and Welding clients is custom fabrication.

Commercial companies custom fabrication a variety of parts for commercial fabrication systems to make sure that each client’s individual needs are met.

These parts include condensation hoods, make-up air systems, pizza oven hoods, dishwasher exhaust ductwork, stainless steel countertops, commercial stainless sinks, dish tables, stainless steel work tables, stainless wall shelves and cabinets, custom trim pieces, stainless wall cabinets, equipment stands, sneeze guards and aluminum walk-in cooler floors and flashing, to name a few examples.

Offering custom fabrication services to Michigan and Mid-West clients and commercial companies meant obtaining an office and workshop in the area. Rivers FWI is a locally owned and operated company that provides these services. The industrial companies have provided Michigan fabrication  and welding services for years without the need for a shop there, but custom fabrication must be done in the area where it is needed.

Custom fabrication is not possible when you have to make everything in another city and bring it to the location where it is needed. Now they can offer the complete array of services.

Custom fabrication has been a part of their services offering for about 16 years. It began as a result of customer demand.

There are a million things to do when constructing a restaurant. A restaurant owner does not want to go to 50 businesses to get them all done, so the minute they find out that one guy can provide all of their kitchen needs, that’s a relief to them.

Custom fabrication becomes a necessity when customers make requests for equipment of specific heights and dimensions.

It often is cheaper and saves time to make hard-to-find pieces.

Making something on site means there is no need to have items shipped, and there is no need to invest valuable time in searching for items that are difficult to come by.

There are not enough people doing this. Individually, these services are out there, but they were not offered under one roof. Now, restaurant owners and managers can make one phone call and get many things done.