Iron and steel have played a very important role in human history. Without pig iron and steel fabrication, people could still be living in dark ages. The progress in construction industry can be seen from different architectural designs in buildings and other infrastructures. Fabrication for industry has increased demand in both structural steel and sheet metal. Manufacturing also involves manpower and automation to produce good and accurate results; the reason for which engineers, blacksmiths and expert welders are employed to focus on steel fabrication especially for contractual projects. Their job involves the forming and assembling of machined parts based on the construction drawings provided. Along with that, they will also require special equipment and technical expertise to fabricate steel especially for industrial products such as customized scaffolding, fire escapes, modular platforms and stairs and lifts.

A plant room module for industrial plants is a new innovation that can be installed easily and efficiently using the modular approach. This method is beneficial and significant to modern industry because it saves time and money. The different sections of the machinery plant can be assembled using custom pump skids with controls and fixtures. Once all sections are finished, they can be tested off site for functionality and operations. The sections can then be delivered and assembled in the allocated place.

In previous years, industrial construction usually takes a lot of time since pipes and machinery have to be fabricated and installed one by one on site. However, with the modular approach, plant room modules and custom pump skids for large industrial machinery are pre-assembled with their fixtures and fittings on a single skid or module.

Before the plant room module can be installed, the allocated site has to be checked for specific requirements especially for health and safety provisions. A construction drawing for the proposal project prepared and site surveys are performed to ensure quality. The work may involve site welding and fabrication services to ensure the correct fittings of any framework. Employees can work simultaneously on the project and complete the plant room in a specified time. All fabrication services are assessed by engineers to ensure quality of work and standards are met. Constructing a multi-level industrial plant is also possible with the use of the riser modules. These modules can be assembled separately so when they are not needed, it can be removed or transferred to another site. The modern industry can definitely get a lot of benefits from this new approach. While the industrial construction site can be risky and time consuming; with the modular system, it is possible to produce sufficient building materials, and all other problems can be dealt with accordingly, resulting in a cost-effective and a friendly-environment.